Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players competing in each age division.
If possible, ties for first place in any age division will be decided by a “chip-off” as determined by the Tour staff. If a “chip-off” cannot be completed, the winner will be decided by a matching of scorecards as follows:
1. Total of the final 3 holes.
2. Total of the final 6 holes.
3. Go from the last hole going backwards until a winner is determined.
All ties for 2nd and 3rd place will be decided by a matching of score cards as described above.

SERIES AWARDS At the final event in each seasonal tournament series (spring, summer & fall) there will be one overall award winner to the series point leader in each age division.

TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP The top five (5) point leaders in each age division for the entire year (All tournaments) will qualify for the Tour Championship at Reynolds Plantation.
All Series point winners in each age division will qualify for the Tour Championship.

At the Tour Championship, there will be prizes for the top 3 players in each age division, as well as 1 award to the overall points leader for the entire year in each age division. (Player of the Year)

Additionally the Tour Championship Tournament winner in the boys and girls 15-18 age divisions will receive a full exemption into 1 American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) event in the following calendar year.